Liquid Glass is essentially glass in liquid form that is applied by wiping it onto the screen to create a coating that will increase the screen’s impact and scratch resistance. When viewed under a microscope, a glass surface of a device is not completely smooth and perfect as it seems to naked eye. The glass surface actually is full of microscopic cavities that can become points of weakness when exposed to external factors. When Liquid Glass is applied, the glass particles in the Liquid Glass bonds to the device’s screen and fills-in the microscopic gaps while adding a very thin layer of protection over the screen. The glass particles in Liquid Glass coating provides a smoother glass surface and reduces the points of weakness. The result is a harder and stronger screen.

Yes, it’s oleophobic and you will notice reduced fingerprints and smudges as well as a smoother touch-feel. The screen is also easier to clean after liquid glass.

Yes it can be applied to the cameras and the back of your device. Please note though, the screen protection guarantee (if purchased) only applies to the glass screen.

Liquid glass screen protector will not cause any damages to your device. Please do not apply the liquid glass on an already cracked screen though, as it may seep through the crack and cause further damages. Liquid Glass should not be used to repair cracked or scratched screens. Its purpose is to protect your screen.

Not at all. Our liquid glass screen protector is 100% compatible fingerprint readers/sensors. Our products have been tested with devices of many brands and models and the touch sensitivity is not affected at all either.

Regular, alcohol-free screen cleaners would not affect liquid glass. Electronic device manufacturers do not recommend using alcohol to clean the devices very frequently as the alcohol may cause the original protective coating to be dissolved. Cleaning the screen regularly with alcohol will also reduce the life of the liquid glass screen protector.

Yes, liquid glass is super thin, actually much thinner than a human hair so multiple layers can be safely applied. Please note, when you complete installation process, the liquid glass keeps curing for the next 24 hours. It’s ideal to wait at least 24 hours before your next application. It’s also important to clean your screen before applying the additional layers.

Liquid glass is meant to protect your device as it’s a screen protector. It will not fix or repair damaged screens. We recommend, once you get your screen repaired, to purchase our liquid glass with screen protection guarantee so your device would be protected against cracks next time if an unfortunate accident happens. Please note, the screen protection guarantee requires a prior registration with verification of an undamaged screen.

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